{our story.}

"Our Story"' is really how the name of the blog came about "Our Journey"
our long, sad but happy wonderful road to make our family.
Making a family is easy right?
You get married, get pregnant, have a baby, wash & repeat. Right?
For someone who always dreamt of a family, being a mom; & someone who went thru SO much to have her child I am here to tell you, it isn't always easy.
We lost two babies, before the babies we have here with us.

My body struggles with every aspect of childbearing.
I have unexplained infertility, which really is a bullshit excuse for your ovaries hating you. Everything seems to be working but has no explanation on why it isn't actually working.

Then its staying pregnant.
Another unexplained feature of this body I walk around with.
My body rejects pregnancies, looks at them as a foreign object. Mixed with Hypernemsis Gravium.
My first sweet angel, almost killed me. I was SO sick, so incredibly sick. I remember the dr saying I had nothing left to give.
By the time I got the Kennedy pregnancy we knew we had to fight. I was in the hospital for my first trimester then on home health care with a pump that went into my stomach, til I was well enough for my body to carry the baby, with my own nutrients alone.
So staying pregnant seemed to be working, til later in my 4th pregnancy I found out I have a weakened cervix where I have preterm labor. We held of Kennedy til 36 weeks!

Fertility drugs.
We went thru cycles & cycles with Kensley & just when we thought it was never going to happen it did.
With the repeat of hospital stays, I started labor even earlier with her & delievered her 6 weeks early.
Thank god, she was completely healthy, & got to come home with us.

So this is our story.
The long, long, painful, but oh so wonderful road of having our family.
It was SO hard. But SO rewarding.


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